cella bistro

Tapas Samplings

This style of "small offerings" are similar to those found in bistros, trattorias and tapas bars throughout Europe. Tapas encourages customers to sample, share and discover a variety of foods within a more casual, communal setting while sipping a cocktail or glass of wine. The menu is continually updated to reflect the season and priced so that customers feel free to try new things. "...these little foods are important in a culinary experience not so much that they 'open the appetite' but that they are a reassuring affirmation that the guests are in the caring hands of a good cook who wants them to be happy with the expectation of even greater things to come. These little foods are both a preview and an end in themselves..." (Little Foods of the Mediterranean, Clifford A. Wright).

Cheese samples with crusty bread:
brie, feta, camembert, fontina, gorgonzola, maytag blue, goat, irish cheddar

Grilled beef rib with D's bbq sauce

Long-stem baby artichokes with lemon caper aioli

Asparagus fried egg, truffle oil

Sauteed fiddlehead ferns in lemon butter

Spanish tortilla with lemon caper aioli

Fried wonton shrimp with chili sauce

Piquillo peppers stuffed with crab

Housemade mozzarella salad with roasted red peppers

Mussels simmered in saffron cream